Teru Kuwayama photo

Gazing at a photo by Teru Kuwayama. Event photo by Mohammad Babar Jafree.

Following the progression of the “DIGNITY” photo auctions around the world, Karachi recently hosted its own auction to benefit the work of Acumen Fund and the flood rehabilitation activities of the Sindh Rural Support Organization (SRSO). 200 avid art-lovers and supporters attended the event hosted by Pakistan for Acumen and Nuru Project, amidst a flurry of activities over the weekend, including the launch of the Charter for Compassion by Karen Armstrong and the 2nd Karachi Literature Festival.

The curation efforts of Nuru Project and Aesha Arif culminated in the exhibition of 30 photographs around the theme of “dignity.” The exhibition is the first of its kind for Acumen Fund – taking place in one of the very countries in which investee organisations are present.

Event photo

Event photo by Mohammad Babar Jafree.

Aun Rahman, Acumen Fund Pakistan Country Director, gave a brief speech on the work of Acumen Fund and its link with dignity, citing the example of Micro Drip and the impact on local farmers and their families.

From the sale of photographs and the generous sponsorship of Engro Corp, Pakistan for Acumen was able to raise over 700,000 PKR (over USD $8000). We at Pakistan for Acumen would like to thank all the supporters and attendees for making this event happen! A big shout-out to Adnan and the volunteers from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, who kindly donated their time.

In the press:

Pakistan for Acumen team

An exhausted Pakistan for Acumen team after the auction.

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