From the Land of the Pure:

  • NextBillion interviewed Dr. Sania Nishtar (Heartfile) on the need for health financing to help prevent low-income earners from falling further into poverty.
    • (Jeremy: having seen firsthand the exorbitant medical bills a family has to pay to hospitalise their children, I can’t stress how important such initiatives are!)
  • Plan International posted a video on the Pakistan floods, 6 months on.


  • Tina Rosenberg on the New York Times writes about the role of micro-consignment in providing entrepreneurship opportunities for low-income earners: When Microcredit Won’t Do
  • The Guardian: “Muhammad Yunus, the Nobel prizewinning economist and so-called father of microfinance, faces being ousted from the bank that he founded to help poor people in Bangladesh and across the developing world.”
Stuff Socent Ppl Like: Conferences. Lots of Conferences

Stuff Socent Ppl Like: Conferences. Lots of Conferences



  • Hope Consulting is looking for two consultants to work on a branchless banking solution. For information, view the brief (PDF on Google Docs).

The Rest:

  • A veteran social entrepreneur, Jim Fruchterman, discusses the potential legal structures for social enterprises: For Love or Lucre
  • NextBillion, continuing its series on healthcare, discusses the convergence of mobile technology and healthcare.
  • It’s fellowship season! We’ve noted some of the fellowships and their deadlines, to save you the trouble. (We’re nice like that.)