The ThinkChange Pakistan team has compiled some articles we’ve been tracking throughout the week, just in case you missed them.

  • This week saw the launch of the Education Emergency campaign, highlighting the need for reform in Pakistan’s education system.
  • Salman Khan (of the Khan Academy) gives a TED Talk on using video to reinvent education.
  • DC for Acumen is hosting the “Dignity DC” photo exhibition and auction on 31st March. Tickets can be purchased online.
  • IDEO announced and the Residents Programme for social entrepreneurs. Exciting work with one of the world’s leading firms designing products for the BoP.
  • The Harvard Business Review discusses the 3 trending innovation challenges.
  • The Acumen Fund is weighing in on a competition to design innovative ways to get the message out there that maternal health is a right, and not an option. Join in the competition!
  • NextBillion regularly posts available jobs:
  • Fellowship applications are closing soon! PopTech and Skoll Awards

Have we missed something ground-breaking this week? Let us know!