Recognising the need to de-mystify “social entrepreneurship” in the Pakistani context, ThinkChange Pakistan will:

  • Raise awareness about the social entrepreneurship and social innovation space in Pakistan;
  • Foster dialogue about the dynamic social enterprise space globally;
  • Act as a platform for investors, entrepreneurs and supporters to collaborate and learn.

In partnership with ThinkChange India, we’ll bring you news, case studies, events, jobs and opinions on everything related to the exciting social entrepreneurship/innovation space!

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Our Team

Jeremy Higgs (Managing Editor)

By day, Jeremy is Executive Officer at NOWPDP, working to mainstream people with disabilities into Pakistani society. By night, he’s working to supply renewable energy solutions to rural customers and organisations as Director of Operations for EcoEnergyFinance.

Jeremy is an Aussie that, through a twist of fate, found himself in Pakistan and three years later still finds himself unable to leave. A quick learner, he is now adept at navigating the organised chaos that is Karachi traffic. The scoop is that he was born in Baltistan and ended up in Australia, only to return to the homeland later in life.

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Kalsoom Lakhani (Managing Editor)

Kalsoom currently directs Social Vision, the venture philanthropy arm of ML Resources, based in Washington, D.C. Social Vision provides seed funding and hands-on support for social enterprises and innovative initiatives in their pilot stages, mainly in Pakistan. Kalsoom is also the founder and editor of CHUP, or Changing Up Pakistan, a blog that aims to provide a more nuanced perspective on Pakistan.  She voraciously devours all things social enterprise, and has a penchant for geek chic glasses, Jeopardy, reality trash, fist pumps, and coffee. She plans to launch her own social venture this fall because, well, who needs sleep?

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Maryam Jillani (Managing Editor)

Maryam Jillani currently works on the Global UGRAD – Pakistan program at the International Research and Exchanges Board in Washington D.C., where she supports college students from across Pakistan develop leadership skills and create cross-cultural awareness at their host universities in the U.S., as well as in their home towns and villages. In addition to youth policy and social entrepreneurship, Maryam loves vintage furniture, old city maps and indie coming-of-age movies. In ten years, Maryam hopes to be a successful children’s storyteller.

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Hussain H. Bandukwala

 Hussain H. Bandukwala is a management and technology consultant originally from Karachi and currently residing in Toronto. He has an avid inclination towards mobile technologies and their role in solving people’s day-to-day challenges. His interests lie in start-up communities, squash, and football (the American kind). Hussain also loves hanging out at the airport and indulging himself in airline liveries and take-off/landing patterns. You can follow him on Twitter @parwaaz03.

Saba Gul

Saba Gul lives, breathes and dreams female empowerment and finding business solutions to poverty. She is the Founder & Executive Director of BLISS, a social enterprise which provides education and skills training to underprivileged girls in Pakistan. Saba is an alumna of MIT, from where she earned her BS and MS. An engineer by degree, she worked in Silicon Valley prior to BLISS, but gave up her life as a technologist to pursue social good. You can follow her on Twitter @sabagl.

Khizra Munir

The ThinkChange Pakistan team would like to thank Khizra Munir for designing the ThinkChange Pakistan logo.