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Apologies for the delay dear TC-P readers. Here’s a quick round-up of what you may have missed:

Pakistan Updates: 


Interesting Reads: 

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Hi all! Here’s a quick round-up of #socent happenings:

Pakistan Updates:

  • In order to tackle the problem of poor waste management in Karachi, entrepreneur, Khayam Hussain has designed the Ricksaaf, a rickshaw with a steel container that can carry up to 200 kg of trash. How awesome is that? Check out the full story on E-Tribune here.
  • If you missed start-up weekend in Lahore, Waqas Ali of Hometown Shoes sums it up here.



  • Stop by Kuch Khaas in Islamabad this Wednesday for the event, “Changing Mindsets through Film-Making” in honor of International Women’s Day. The event will screen a video montage on themes related to women followed by a poetry recitation and motivational songs by Mumtaz Begum and Abida Ejaz to celebrate the struggles and achievements of Pakistani women. More details here.
  • The Environmental Protection Society is organizing the GCU Environmental Conference on March 12 – 13.


  • Felix Oldenburg, the European director of Ashoka talks about how organizations that do not generate changemakers are going to be left behind regardless of how much money they have. Read the full piece here.
  • Check out the widely circulated post on the 7 worst ideas in international aid – what do you think they missed?

Dear TC-P readers, here’s what you may have missed in the world of #socent in the past couple of weeks. If WE have missed anything, do let us know in your comments.

#Pakistan updates:




  • A new report by the Credit Suisse Research Institute, in collaboration with the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship looks into how social entrepreneurship is redefining the meaning of return.
  • IDEO released a free innovation guide for social enterprises and NGOs working worldwide. Have a look and let us know what you think!

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Happy Monday! Here’s our bi-weekly round-up of stuff #socent people like. Enjoy!




  • ATTN: policy makers and implementers: Read this important article on how public administrators could (and need to) be the future of social innovation in the world. Imagine the possibilities in Pakistan!
  • Here’s a handy list of 15 social venture capital firms you should know about!

Some advice:

  • An important round-up by Sasha Dicter of 20 questions every fundraiser must be able to answer.
  • “Accelerators offer hands-on help from experienced mentors, sources for seed capital, and sometimes even co-working locations, and give entrepreneurs what they need to take a startup from concept to market more quickly and effectively than if they go it alone” – Lydia Dishman from Fast Company gives you some tips on how to get connected.

Hello dear readers! Here’s your weekly round-up of all things #socent:

  • Can Venture Capital Save the World? Forbes magazine runs a cover story on Acumen Fund’s work in its December 19 issue. Also have a look at the Forbes list of top 30 social entrepreneurs in 2011.
  • Impact investing and social entrepreneurship are inextricably linked. To learn more, read the transcript of the roundtable on impact investing in the Standford Social Innovation Review.  The panelists included Jacqueline Novogratz, founder and CEO of Acumen Fund, Katherine Milligan, head of North America and Middle East at the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, Johanna Mair, chair of the Global Agenda Council on Social Innovation, associate professor of strategic management at IESE Business School, and academic editor of Stanford Social Innovation Review among others.
  • HSBC Bank invests $4 million in the Social Enterprise nvestment Fund that aims to provide creatively structured, growth capital to social enterprises that have the potential to have a significant social impact, and provide a financial return target in excess of 5 per cent to investors. Read more about the move here.
  • Vodafone is starting mobile banking in India. The service, which is called ‘M-Paisa’ enables selected retailers to offer banking services to Vodafone customers, who are able to withdraw from or deposit to their HDFC account and transfer funds using their mobile device. If you haven’t already, read our related post on Telenor’s Easy Paisa.
  • Stanford Graduate School of Business  established the Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing EconomiesThe Institute aims to stimulate, develop, and disseminate research and innovations that will enable entrepreneurs, managers, and leaders to alleviate poverty in developing economies.
  • Acumen Fund is hiring for Pakistan! For more details visit the Acumen Fund Blog.

Alright guys, here’s our weekly round-up of all things #socent:

Social Entrepreneurship: News, Competitions and Winners 

Job Announcements and Volunteer Opportunities

  • A ton of new jobs in the social enterprise sector were posted on NextBillion’s career center. Check ’em out!
  • 2 summer volunteer positions available with Acumen Fund

Development and Innovation

  • Devex has published its list of top 40 Development Innovators on its Facebook page. The list features Amnesty International, Greenpeace, the Gates Foundation, Aga Khan Development Network among many others!
  • On a related note, read Erica Williams’ blog on how to take on failure and innovation in the social sector here.

Social Enterpreneurship Models


  • And as expected, Grameen Bank comes under the control of the Bangladesh Bank. Read the full story here.

The ThinkChange Pakistan team has compiled some articles we’ve been tracking throughout the week, just in case you missed them.

  • This week saw the launch of the Education Emergency campaign, highlighting the need for reform in Pakistan’s education system.
  • Salman Khan (of the Khan Academy) gives a TED Talk on using video to reinvent education.
  • DC for Acumen is hosting the “Dignity DC” photo exhibition and auction on 31st March. Tickets can be purchased online.
  • IDEO announced and the Residents Programme for social entrepreneurs. Exciting work with one of the world’s leading firms designing products for the BoP.
  • The Harvard Business Review discusses the 3 trending innovation challenges.
  • The Acumen Fund is weighing in on a competition to design innovative ways to get the message out there that maternal health is a right, and not an option. Join in the competition!
  • NextBillion regularly posts available jobs:
  • Fellowship applications are closing soon! PopTech and Skoll Awards

Have we missed something ground-breaking this week? Let us know!

From the Land of the Pure:

  • NextBillion interviewed Dr. Sania Nishtar (Heartfile) on the need for health financing to help prevent low-income earners from falling further into poverty.
    • (Jeremy: having seen firsthand the exorbitant medical bills a family has to pay to hospitalise their children, I can’t stress how important such initiatives are!)
  • Plan International posted a video on the Pakistan floods, 6 months on.


  • Tina Rosenberg on the New York Times writes about the role of micro-consignment in providing entrepreneurship opportunities for low-income earners: When Microcredit Won’t Do
  • The Guardian: “Muhammad Yunus, the Nobel prizewinning economist and so-called father of microfinance, faces being ousted from the bank that he founded to help poor people in Bangladesh and across the developing world.”
Stuff Socent Ppl Like: Conferences. Lots of Conferences

Stuff Socent Ppl Like: Conferences. Lots of Conferences



  • Hope Consulting is looking for two consultants to work on a branchless banking solution. For information, view the brief (PDF on Google Docs).

The Rest:

  • A veteran social entrepreneur, Jim Fruchterman, discusses the potential legal structures for social enterprises: For Love or Lucre
  • NextBillion, continuing its series on healthcare, discusses the convergence of mobile technology and healthcare.
  • It’s fellowship season! We’ve noted some of the fellowships and their deadlines, to save you the trouble. (We’re nice like that.)
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